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 Will be edited and designed by Teun van der Heijden.  Amsterdam, New York. 


 The book and photographs are due to be presented in sept 2019 at Galerie Pennings, Eindhoven.


After the launch in Eindhoven the book an exhibition are going on tour



Chinese Interiors

The interiors are a part of the Grand Canal Project

Lilian Creemers and myself did in 2018 on invitation of the Yuhang City Counsel


 A book  ( Encouter) was publiced.

And an exhibiton was presented to the people



I am  storyteller in visual media with a lot of experience in art, applied- and commercial work and education. I use mostly photography.


But in Storytelling as a communication tool, I use also, video, text, and sound integrated in the diversity of media-context to accomplish a communication goal.


I love working with storytelling projects (mixed media projects), curating exhibitions, layout, web- and book design, corporate identity,  branding and commercial artwork.



 a selection from the collection


is a  photographic investigation into the creation of hidden desires, craving and excitement in the disguise and conceal-ment of 'ordinary' reality



The Child, my Child project is about more than just an exhibition. It has led to an ambitious art event with participation of Theo Derksen, Ernst Jansz and Jos Wigman


Perhaps this is the greatest quality of this photography that it succeeds in scraping reality, as it unfolds itself in deceptive wealth for the eye, into representations of worlds that lie behind this reality.


 More than twenty world-famous photographers will show their work during Holland Festival 1999



The Child, my Child project is about more than just an exhibition. It has led to an ambitious art event with participation of Theo Derksen, Ernst Jansz and Jos Wigman


PAIN on the WALL

We are looking at portraits of people. Their diacritical signs have been affected.The motives for this defacement are unknown, yet the fragmentary remains of these portraits reveal underlying structures.



In the early 1930s the starting signal was given by the then government for the construction of a large complex for the recreation of the German soldiers who were at the front. The special recreation hotel had to accommodate 20,000


What happens when a painter decides to start an exchange project with a photographer?

Life as if you are always on the road

Marcel van Hoef and Theo Derksen make their art from a common base, reality shows itself to them as an image, something to look at.


Theo Derksen tells stories in image and sound. With the thought 'Show me your room I say who you are', he drew a grid over the map of Weert with the Martinus Church as zero point.


Two stars in the profession, Jo Brunenberg and Theo Derksen had to put it in Weert alone and with the artificial, not natural.


 I was commissioned to portrait noteworthy inhabitants in there personal context or setting of Arcen Velden Lomm. Leon Frissen, the later governor of the Province of Limburg asked to make an exhibition of portraits for 3 years during the new-year reception.


Principals, Incentive for archi-tecture. The Netherlands Architecture is the national subsidy provider for projects in the fields of architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, interior architecture and related disciplines.


is the title of the exhibition of the work of Theo Derksen. Trying to approach nowhere sounds like there is a goal, namely finding nowhere. The question is whether we are capable of that.


During my work trip in Hangzhou in 2015, I made  try-outs for  my ideas for my possible Grand Canal project (Hangzhou -Beying).

Chinese interiors alongside the Grand Canal Hangzhou.



My work was in 1988 awarded with the KODAK AWARD.


This work is in the kodak collection

Chines Interiors along the Grand Canal Yuhang, China

2018 project


Some pictures, no theme


The general opinion of the Limburgs landscape is a very romantic one.  This has been generalized and branded for tourism. So redefining was an option for me in my artist assignment.


A selection

A part of this collection is in the BIbliotheque National de France in Paris


My art work is in national and international, private as well as corporate collections.



The Kodak archives USA, Polaroid Corporation photography collection, Bibliotheque National Paris Fr, Foreign photographers Moravian Museum Brno Cz. Collection Scheringa NL, Museum More Gorsel NL. Swinnen collection Be, Andries collection Be, Van Hoef collection NL, Fine Art Collection Weert. City Collection Yuhang/Hangzhou China and many more personal and company collections. 


His photography has been awarded several times, including the Kodak Award, Amsterdam Stipendium for Art, Limburg Province stipend, Dunhill. 

His work is exhibited nationally and internationally.


My photographs are not assembled nor Photoshopped. 

Photoshop is only used as a digital darkroom.





Hoe maak je jouw persoonlijke beeldverhaal? Verhalen vertellen. Niet met woorden, maar met beelden. Vertel jouw persoonlijke verhaal. Het uitgangspunt van de cursus is het ontwikkelen van basisvaardigheden om jouw verhaal over te brengen.  


Aan de orde komen: 

Wat wil je vertellen? 

Hoe wil je dat? 

Waarom wil je dat? 


Het materiaal kan archief zijn, zelf gemaakt of bestaand beeld zijn, maar ook video beeld. Beeldmateriaal in de breedste zin van het woord. Het is niet noodzakelijk om al technische kennis te hebben. Indien nodig komt de techniek aan de orde. 


Leren door te doen is de opzet. Vooral onderzoeken en experimenteren naar de mogelijkheden  om jouw (visueel) verhaal te laten zien. Niets moet en alles kan. Het ontdekken van jouw creativiteit. De weg is interessanter dan de aankomst. Het spelen in de zandbak is de metafoor voor deze cursus. Het proces van ontdekken is het doel. Jij staat centraal in dit fascinerende proces. Je kunt rekenen op de expertise van Theo Derksen in de persoonlijke begeleiding, het uitdagen, het inspireren en het kritisch te reflecteren op je proces en product. 


Om de persoonlijke begeleiding te garanderen is het aantal inschrijvingen beperkt tot max. 8 personen. In tien inspirerende, uitdagende bijeenkomsten van 2,5 uur. 


Start: Eind nov. 2019

10 bijeenkomsten van 2,5 u

Kosten €345,00

Inschrijving en betaling gaan via 

Factuur na aanmelding




Ontwikkel je persoonlijke fotografische beeldtaal 10-delige cursus van 2,5 uur voor de gevorderde fotograaf. De masterclass start bij minimaal 6 en max 10 deelnemers. Er zijn nog een 3 tal- plaatsen vrij 


De ideale kans om jouw fotografie naar een hoger plan te tillen. Er is bewust gekozen voor een kleine groep om maximale aandacht te kunnen geven aan alle deelnemers. Samen optrekken, foto's bespreken en een grote stap vooruit zetten. 

Ontwikkel je persoonlijke fotografie? Jij wilt een nieuwe stap zetten om je ideeën en verhalen in beeld te vertellen en je inhoudelijk verdiepen. Hierbij is de inhoud van wat je wilt vertellen het belangrijkste. 

Je bent bewust op zoek naar een grotere oorspronkelijkheid en verdieping in je werk. Als gevorderde fotograaf heb je de basis van fototechniek onder de knie en jij bent je ervan bewust dat 

 een middel is en geen doel. Tijdens tien inspirerende en uitdagende bijeenkomsten van ca. 2,5 uur ontwikkel jij een originele concept en leer je nieuwe visuele verbanden te leggen vanuit jouw persoonlijkheid. Dit om zo je persoonlijke beeldtaal te creëren. Jij staat centraal in dit fascinerende proces. 

Je kunt rekenen op de expertise van Theo Derksen in de persoonlijke begeleiding, het uitdagen, het inspireren en het kritisch te reflecteren op je proces en product. Om de persoonlijke begeleiding te garanderen is het aantal inschrijvingen beperkt tot max. 8 personen.

Aan bod komen vaardigheden als:

idee- en concept vorming

plan van aanpak

onderzoek, verbeelding en beeldstrategie

storytelling en ordenen

publicatie en presentatie


Start: eind nov. 2018

10 bijeenkomsten van 2,5 u 

Kosten €445,00 incl. btw

Inschrijving en betaling gaan via 

Factuur na aanmelding


Willem K. Coumans, Critic and publicist for the art magazines.

“With a strong sense of the eternity of the moment, he takes photographs, whose lyrical depth reports and possess a poetic approach to people and things that do not pass”.


Martin Beks, Critic and publicist for the art magazines.

“People like Derksen, with his otherworldly images come to me to stand under a cristal jar, and I think and hope I am not the only with such a tabernacle in his head”.


Pool Andries, Photo-historian and curator FoMu, Antwerp.

“Perhaps this is the greatest quality of his photography: it succeeds in reality, as they were in fraudulent wealth to the eye develops, scraping up images of worlds which lies behind this reality. Images that reaches us through the eye, but slowly and surely hook in the mind.”


Drs. Ridsert Hoekstra, Art historian and curator Stedelijk Museum, Roermond.

“Theo Derksen, has a fascination for change. He travels a lot, his photography testifies. Yet his travel documentary photography is not reporting. It is astonishing. Not the surprise of the tourist "look strange, very different from us", but the wonder of a child who sees and shall not be a significant commitment, but is already looking very bright wondering what this is allowed and that continues to do without there like an answer to give. The child has the surprised look we see in the photography of Derksen people in situations that are not specific to a given place. You do not know immediately what or where it is and why. And on closer examination it shows an unambiguous meaning in coming. The effect is that you keep watching. As a child. In this way, looking Theo Derksen. He looks like he is traveling, even when he's home. It's an art to live as if you always traveling. Meanings are not fixed, but shifting. They change over time,but also to change places, to travel. Yourself open to a world where meanings change, that seems to challenge himself and the viewer who Derksen sets

Prof. dr. Johan Swinnen, Art-, photography historian and curator.

“He brings together visual images that form a moving portrait of human existence. The photos reveal the move-ment and rhythms of life, the volatile mysteries and the loneliness. His photographic imagery shows a sharp-minded but passionate vision of everyday life. The photographs give voice to the silent spirit of everyman, every woman and every child. In his work, time after time, those portrayed find themselves at a decisive moment. On one side, having no hope of portraying their own individual qualities or peculiarities, on the other side, accepting the greater obligation of representing their background, social role and standing and their class. They fix their eyes, somewhere out there, much further than the photographer, on something bigger and more important than he is interested in. Looking over his shoulder we get a macabre feeling that we are the subject! It seems as if the models are trying to say something to us and posterity.


Theo Derksen has a fascination for change. He travels a lot, his photos testify to this; but his photography - not like that of a reporter - is about astonishment, not the awe of the tourist ("How strange is all this, how different from us"), but the surprise of a child who is wondering what it sees , without really needing answers to the questions that come up. We motivate this same open, childlike surprise in Derksen's photography of people, people in situations that are not specifically defined by place, time or action.


The viewer does not immediately know where or why the photo was taken, but on closer examination, a not always univocal meaning emerges. Effectively when you are confronted with Derksen's photographs, you adopt his way of looking, the vigilance and the wonder of a child who looks at the world.


The meanings are not fixed on a journey, the message and the context are constantly shifting, changing constantly as places change, the environment changes. The great quality of Derksen's photographs is that they start with the simple rendering of reality, but that reality, as always, is deceptive, a temptation of the eye; then in our mind we release the bond with the superficial meaning. In front of the context we observed and peel away the layers of conventional seeing from reality. We develop images in our spirit of worlds, which are hidden behind this reality. Images that reach us through the eye, but slowly and surely hang in the mind.


Derksen graduated as BA photographer and BA audiovisual designer at the Breda University of Fine Arts in the Netherlands. He studied two postgraduate courses at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

He worked for 15 years for various magazines, newspapers and companies. He was also a parttime professor at the ZUYD University Applied Arts in Maastricht. He taught photography, audiovisual design and research. For the last 15 years he was head of the visual communication department and involved in the foundation of the new faculty, Media Design and Technology at ZUYD University - Applied Arts in Maastricht. He was a member of the managment team of this faculty and worked as a member in the research team Infonomics and New Media. 


In recent years he has again focused on various art and art projects as an artist and entrepreneur.


In addition, Derksen collaborates with Lilian Creemers, visual artist, art director and curator, in art productions for art and cultural projects. Together they organize and initiate inspiring presentations, exhibitions, art and culture projects, public activities and educational projects. Making relationships with and between other initiatives, art forms, social developments, collections and stories is the main goal.


His  art work is in national and international, private as well as corporate collections.



His photography has been awarded several times, including the Kodak Award, Amsterdam Stipendium for Art, Limburg Province stipend, Dunhill. 


He is published in various books. His work is exhibited nationally and internationally.


Theo Derksen heeft in samenwerking met Brian Griffin een speciale video gemaakt.


Op vrijdag 13 juli start vanaf 18:30 uur het Bospop Business Event met een Meet & Greet met Brian Griffin. Griffin zal kort worden voorgesteld en geïnterviewd door collega fotograaf Theo Derksen, gevolgd door een bezoek aan het festivalterrein en de tentoonstelling.





Griffin (Birmingham, 1948) wilde modefotograaf worden, maar toen hij eind jaren zeventig zijn portfolio aan het legendarische Stiff Records liet zien, kon hij direct aan de slag. In de decennia die volgden, groeide hij met zijn experimentele en surrealistische stijl uit tot dé visuele verhalenverteller van de New wave-, postpunk- en New romantic-beweging. In zijn boek ‘POP’, dat in november 2017 verscheen, heeft de Engelse fotograaf een compilatie van zijn mooiste werk samengebracht. Meer dan 160 album- en single hoezen, posters en persfoto’s van ruim 100 bands en artiesten. Een groot deel ervan werd niet eerder gepubliceerd.


This Boat Notes will take you from Rostov-on Don, "The Port of Five Seas" all the way to Moscow, the capital of Russia. I had a unique chance to sail though the docks of Volga-Don Canal, an amazing man-made waterway from Soviet times. To see Astrakhan and continue on to the Volga River, the longest river in the European territory of Russia, often called Mother Volga. I saw Russia's different regions and get a feeling for South Eastern Russia with its link to Asia and the Orient and European Russia - Imperial Russia. Every day Alexander Münninghof gave a lecture on the Russian Soul, poetry and the ordinary life.

The Background of Alexander Münninghof: his father fought for the Waffen SS on the Eastern Front, his grandmother was a Russian countess. He studied Slavic language and literature at Leiden University and at the University of Amsterdam. Münninghoff previously worked for the MID as an instructor for Russian. As a journalist he was a correspondent in Moscow for the Haagsche Courant between 1986 and 1991. For the same newspaper he was a war correspondent in Cambodia and El Salvador. He also defeated the First Gulf War between Iran and Iraq. In 2014 he published the eventful history of his family under the title De stamhouder. A bestseller. A family chronicle. For this book he received the Libris History Prize on 25 October 2015.

China Hangzhou -Yuhang