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Press release from the Buro for Culture, radio, television and public relations Yuhang, China


From 25 May 2018 you can visit the exhibition "Encounter" with the work of Dutch and Chinese artists Lilian Creemers - Ma Dengfeng - Theo Derksen - Chen Shu at the Yuhang Library Exhibition Hall in Yuhang District - Hangzhou (China)


The Grand Canal has a profound emotional bond with the people along the banks. Habits and ways of life along the banks have made it the common "mother river". The charm of the Grand Canal is timeless. In a trip along the canal, artists from Yuhang and Weert have once again joined forces to visualize the culture and daily life along the canal.


At the same time, the artists also exhibit their own independent work to give an image of the new era of the channel with photo-graphy, video, calligraphy and sculpture.

The exhibition "encounter" is the great channel through artists eyes.