Approaching Nowhere


Approaching Nowhere is the title of the exhibition of the work of Theo Derksen. Trying to approach nowhere sounds like a goal is, finding nothing now. The question is whether we are capable of doing so. The nowhere is perhaps a useful concept in this case. So the idea what helps us to not be pre-set in a certain time on one certain place / somewhere to come out.


Theo Derksen photographer has gone without he completely planned to arrive somewhere (at a designated place) at a specified time want to come in. He has chosen the adventure and leaves himself on the way surprise by what he meets. People, things, a city, landscape, etc .. All that he has recorded in photos.


As an artist, he can use the images of what he has encountered to show us nothing. In the proverbial sense of The word: You are nowhere else, you feel lost. For example in the desolate of the landscape, in the loneliness of people, it

alienating effect of a photographed thing and even of a whole

city. Theo Derksen chooses to show his pictures purely as result of the road he traveled. No more and no less.  Stories invited to use storytelling using the pictures shown embrace as a dynamic way of traveling. We leave


Surprising by what we encounter without having to go somewhere straight away

to be. Under the motto Approaching Nowhere we make pictures and we tell stories


Willem Jansen, curator fine art, Maastricht. 2015.