During 4 years they exchange images, a painting and the reaction a photograph and the reaction a painting etc, etc.  A collaboration with photographer Theo Derksen and Marcel van Hoef

This whole project was aquired by Museum of Realisme.


Prof. Dr. Willem Elias wrote:" What they seek are not small differences, but many similarities. Not the nationalities or, still less, the regionaliteiten they are on the track. However, the agreements, the things that one encounters every-where, not to derfined spaces, men   laid  the foundation for understanding "Humanism", fascinates them. One could make almost mention the "universal" in the culture. Their quest fit into the structuralism of Claude Lévi-Strauss when it stated that there are recurring structures in the culture because culture results from the structures of the brains is.

Theo Derksen brings with it images of his world travels where no name is to stick, unless that man is created in space. This displacement is both soothing as confusing. "Where am I?" Terrifies if there is no reply. It reassures when humanitarian realizes that the whole world is our home. A book was designed by Theo Derksen and published by Museum Roermond