Commissioned work for the City of Weert

A selection

From anonymity to intimacy.

Every day you pass by many people. People you do not know, of which you do not know anything. The everyday moves past you. You look at it, but not always consciously and conscientiously. Most passers-by do not ask your attention.

The starting point of my photo series is that the special body decoration, which is often masked by clothing, is given up. You are admitted to the circle of intimacy.

In a triptych of forto's who hides behind the anonymous "outside". On the skin, and photographed from nearby, the person gives his or her "secret" price and thus comes out of anonymity. A statement is issued through photography.

From each person's creation is a small photo series deals triptych being presented. The middle image is in black and shows the person as we might encounter him or her.

The two side panels are in color, in which the intimacy of the body is central. The original letting of the middle image is broken. Little by little, anonymity decays and the person comes into the picture.

The world around the corner


My dead child possessed a spine, given to her by mother nature, with red stars, which I liked to kiss. Now that my love has disappeared, so has the back.

Two stars in the profession, Jo Brunenberg and Theo Derksen had to put it in Weert alone and with the artificial, not natural. There is work to be done, the phenomenon of body decoration increases every day. Weert may be fortunate enough to be so early, by commissioning two photographers of significance to make a free photographic study of this all-hidden behavior of man. They had to go far and strange, to get back to their home-town. There usually had to be a long journey, to see the world, while their residence was around the corner. Weert was in the world, the world had in some way taken root. Weert was from the world, it turned out.

Two thinking photographers who, in their search for the image that has to give a solution, do not shun the ways of resistance. But the "models" also had their pain. I understand the word, the beautiful word piercing, and I understand the words of my mother: "who wants to be beautiful with pain".

And that was all, my conviction, wanted to be beautiful. Differ. And yet resemble something. The painting of the naked sheet, in which old rituals are involved, makes today's gods flee.

Photographers and "models" have found each other in discovering and immortalizing the moving image that has to be brought to a standstill.

The viewpoints of two photographers, whose work at the same time is brought together or merged, forms a symbiosis or not. Photos of abandonment, homesickness and pain, bear witness to another, intimate world.