Theo Derksen is a Dutch photographer who has received several awards including the Kodak Award,  Polaroid sponsorship, the Amsterdam Art Foundation Grant and The Limburg Art Grant. After studying Photography and Audio Visual Design he worked as a trainee with Magnum photographer Ernst Haas before becoming a photojournalist for several Dutch newspapers and magazines. Later on he works as an independent photographer.  In 1990 he became a part-time associate professor in photography and research at Institute of the Art, department Maastricht, later on head of Visual Communications and member of the management staff of Media Design and Technology. He has also been a visiting professor at major European educational establishments and works also as curator and publisher. Since 2020 he is Chairman of the supervisory board Pennings-Foundation, Eindhoven. He still works on his personal photo projects and book publications.

Derksen likes to tackle large-scale and long-term projects on specific themes. His style is not only dependent on isolated images; instead, he prefers an accumulation of images which can interact with text.

Theo Derksen. Photographer 

Member: Dutch Association of Journalists

Member: International Federation  of Journalists

Residential: Apostelenpavé 63, 

6211XJ Maastricht.

Studio: Capucijnenstraat 21 - A07-A06

6211RN Maastricht


CV - short version

  • Born in the Netherlands (Geldrop) on 09/07/1954
  • Studies: Civil Engineering and later on Photography (BA), Audio-Visual Design (BA) - St. Joost-Breda 
  • Trainee with Magnum photographer Ernst Haas in Venice / IT (1981).
  • Photography professor (part-time), Head of Visual Communications, Member of the managementteam Media Design and Technology, Maastricht Institute of Art-Zuyd. (1990-2015).
  • Studies: Beyond Media (PA) and Inspiring Leadership (PA) - Erasmus University in Rotterdam. NL. 
  • Project guest professor 
  •     HISK Antwerp, Be. 
  •     Higher Institute for Art. Tianjin, CN. 
  •     Chairman of the supervisory board Pennings Foundation, Eindhoven.NL.
  •     VUB university Brussels, Belgium.
  •     Fachhochschule Würzburg, Germany. BRD
  •     The Tianjin Institute For Fine Art at Tianjin. CN
  •     TU Delft. NL
  •     Masterclass Noorderlicht Photo Manifestation: 
    •        Theo Derksen, Anders Peterson [magnum], Ragu Rai [magnum],  Robert Walker.
  •     Photographers Master-Class at Yuhang/Hangzhou. CN

PHOTOGRAPHS in collections - selection

  • Museum W, Weert, Netherlands 
  • Limburgs Centrum voor Fotografie, Sittard, NL 
  • Collection Zuyderland, Heerlen, NL
  • Kodak Collection, Rochester, USA
  • The International Polaroid Collection, USA. 
  • Bibliotheque National Paris, Paris, FR 
  • Foreign photographers Moravian Museum Brno, CZ
  • Scheringa Collection, NL
  • Dunhill Collection, USA
  • City Counsel Yuhang, CN
  • Chen Shu studio’s Hangzhou, CN
  • Private- and corporate collections


  • 2019 Grand Canal Du Nord, Weert. NL
  • 2019 Pennings Foundation, Eindhoven.NL
  • 2018 Grand Canal project Hangzhou, Yuhang. CN
  • 2016 Project Kind mijn Kind. Theo Derksen, Jos Wigman, Ernst Jansz, Maastricht. NL
  • 2015 Art Issues Gallery Weert,  NL
  • 2015 Exhibition and publication. Selected  Yuhang. CN
  • 2014 Paris Photo, Espace Carrousel du Louvre, Paris. FR
  • 2012 Limburgs Museum, Floriade, Venlo, NL
  • 2012 Paris Photo, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris. FR
  • 2011 De Limburgers, Valkenburg. NL
  • 2011 Art Walk, Eindhoven. NL
  • 2008 Stedelijk Museum - OorzaakGevolg, Roermond. NL
  • 2006 Friends to be denied. Foreign photographers in the Moravian Collection.

                 Bischof, Bill Brandt, Brassai, Theo Derksen, Alfred Ehrhardt, Hugo Erfurth, Mark de Fraeye, Ralph Gibson, David     

                  Goldblatt, Lewis W. Hine, Paul den Hollander,George Krause, Maurer Dora, Pruszkowski, Marc Riboud, Richter, Klaus 

                  Rinke, Zofia Rydet, Saul Shapiro

  • 2006 Foam_Fusion

               Dorothee Bavink, Albert Brunsing, Theo Derksen, Dennis Moet, Jovelyne Moreau, Marin Roemers, Hannes Wallrafen

  • 2005 Body-Art. Museum W, Weert. NL
  • 2004 City collection modern art, Weert. NL
  • 2004 GKF-Helmond. NL
  • 2003 National Museum of Art, Mexico City. Mex. 
  • 2001 Museum de Tiendschuur, Weert.
  • 2000 Kunst Rai 2000
  • 1999 Holland Festival, ATTACK

                 Araki, Duane Michaels, Boudrillard, Fontcuberta, Michielsen, Muller-Pohle,

                   Benhelima, Arbus, Attie, Derksen, Brunenberg.

  • 1998 De Paviljoens, Almere.NL
  • 1998 Galerie USVA, Groningen. NL
  • 1997 Biennale te Luik, BE.
  • 1997 Museum de Tiendschuur, Zelfportret, Weert. NL

                 Jan Dibbets, Fons Haagmans, Rudy Beerens, Theo Derksen.

  • 1996 Fotogalerie Objectief, Enschede.
  • 1996 Het Domein, “Voyages, Images”, Sittard. NL 
  • 1995 “Common Lives”, Stichting Fotografie Noorderlicht, Groningen. NL
  • 1994 USVA, galerie art show, Groningen.NL
  • 1993 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. NL
  • 1990 “Dubbel Druk”. Noorderlicht & Leids Prenten Kabinet, NL
  • 1988 Er is geen landschap om te dromen, Gouvernement Limburg, Maasticht.

                 Kim Zwarts, Bas Vroege, Michel Krzyzanowski, Ger Dekkers, Theo Derksen, Ton

                   Huibers, Jo Brunenberg, Rommert Boonstra, Tajiri.

  • 1988 “Geliefde Personen”, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. NL
  • 1988 De Tiendschuur, Weert. NL
  • 1988 The Dunhill Collection, Provinciehuis, Maastricht. NL
  • 1987 Trajecta, Maastricht.NL
  • 1986 “100 meter Foto”, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. NL
  • 1985 “Medium Photography”. Traveling exhibition, several museums in Europe. EU
  • 1982 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. NL

  SOLO EXHIBITIONS - selection  

         2022 Bureau - Europa, Maasricht.NL

    2019 Disneyfication, Pennings Foundation, Eindhoven. NL

    2018 Disneyfication, Yuhang. CN

    2016 Musica Sacra, Maastricht. NL

     2015 Art Issues Gallery Weert,  NL

    2010 Musica Sacra, Maastricht. NL

    2010 Photogalery Pennings, Eindhoven. NL

    2008 Gemeentemuseum de Tiendschuur, Weert. NL

    2006 Hexgalleries, Heks, Be

    2004 Moravska Galerie v Brni, Brno, CZ.

    2002 Gallery St.Lucas, Antwerp, Be

    2002 Kunstcollege Weert: “Homeless Images” the project, NL

    1998 Fotogalerie Noorderlicht USVA, Groningen, NL

    1988 Fotofest Houston, Houston.USA

    1998 Fotogalerie Objectief, Enschede, NL

    1996 Het Domein, Sittard, NL

    1995 “Ogenblikken”, Gemeentemuseum de Tiendschuur, Weert, NL

    1993 Fotopad 93, several museums in Europe. EU

    1993 De Vrijhof, Biennale Enschede. NL

    1993 Capi-Lux Vak, Eindhoven. NL

    1992 Galerie 2 1/2 by 4 1/2 , Amsterdam. NL

    1992 LAK galerie, Leiden. NL

    1991 Gemeentemuseum de Tiendschuur, Weert. NL

    1990 Limburgs Centrum voor Fotografie den Tempel, Sittard, NL

    1990 Galerie 68, Hoensbroek. NL

    1989 Galerie Hoeben, Hasselt, Be.

    1988 Canon Image Center, Amsterdam.NL

    1988 Limburgs Centrum voor Fotografie Den Tempel, Sittard. NL