A selection - 2002

“He brings together visual images that form a moving portrait of human existence. The photos reveal the movement and rhythms of life, the volatile mysteries and the loneliness. His photographic imagery shows a sharp-minded but passionate vision of everyday life. The photographs give voice to the silent spirit of everyman, every woman and every child. In his work, time after time, those portrayed find themselves at a decisive mo-ment. On one side, having no hope of portraying their own individual qualities or peculiarities, on the other side, accepting the greater obligation of representing their background, social role and standing and their class. They fix their eyes, somewhere out there, much further than the photographer, on something bigger and more important than he is interested in. Looking over his shoulder we get a macabre feeling that we are the subject! It seems as if the models are trying to say something to us and posterity.

Prof. dr. Johan Swinnen, Art and photography historian, Curator. Antwerp.